SPECIAL NOTICE! Maryland is stepping up uninsured motorist enforcement.

SPECIAL NOTICE! Maryland is stepping up uninsured motorist enforcement.

April 07, 2021

As I am sure most of you are aware, as part of Maryland Governor Larry Hogan's emergency order for the Coronavirus, the state has not been enforcing many of laws regarding motor vehicle registrations and licensing requirements. In addition, the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration has not been actively enforcing its requirements requiring that all registered vehicles have current insurance and have not been levying the fines associated with having a lapse in auto insurance coverage.

As Coronavirus restriction ease and life has begun to return to normal, both law enforcement and the MVA are now getting back to the business of enforcing vehicle laws. I wanted to take a minute to make you aware of what is happening. 

For most of the shutdown, police officers were not pulling drivers over or ticketing them if they had expired license plates on their cars. Law enforcement was well aware of the issues with backlogs at the MVA and knew that the majority of cars with expired tags on the road were simply not able to renew their tags due to MVA issues. It is my understanding that this is no longer the case. Officers have begun pulling drivers over for expired tags and while they are not issuing citations, if they find that the only issue is the inability to renew your registration at MVA, they are using the opportunity to check for other issues. If they find that you have an insurance compliance issue, a suspended license issue, or some other legal situation, they will most certainly cite you for that.  

The Motor Vehicle Administration has re-started their insurance compliance program by sending out requests for proof of insurance (FR-19 forms). These requests can be random or for various reasons such as being notified by an insurance carrier that a lapse has occurred. MVA and tag and title services are also back to not allowing new vehicle registrations or renewals if you have a flag for an insurance lapse.

Obviously, the message here is that if you have let your auto insurance policy lapse during the pandemic, it is time to get it going again! 

Give Morris Insurance Services a call at 410-857-4550 in Westminster or 410-355-1010 in Brooklyn/Glen Burnie. We have several carriers who specialize in providing insurance for people whose policies have lapsed. We can get you covered immediately and send the proper documentation to MVA right away so that you can get back on the road again.

Please don't take the chance of getting pulled over, call us today!!

Check out the video below for more info!